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Georgina - Psychic Tarot Reader with Mediumship

Leeds, UK, LS1 3AB

Intuitive : Readers

Psychic Tarot Reader with Mediumship

looking at the past present and future... but initially reading what is happening now and the knock on effect it has in your life.... The cards are controlled by your choice and read from your energy.. My Psychic Intuition kicks in with the interpretation of those cards and the insight into some aspects of your life...

At times i get the link to the other side as gatherings or single people come through to pass their love over to you

Preferably reading over the phone then i am not influenced by what i see. But on the phone i only have the sense of hearing your voice and that is what connects to the cards the energy from your tone and how you speak..

£30.00 for a reading

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  • 9th Aug 2021

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