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Sarah Christine

London, England, UK, WC2N 5DU

Counselling : Healing : Holistic Therapists : Intuitive : Online / Global Practitioner : Shamanic : Spiritual Therapists

Sarah Christine Gill is a modern-day intuitive spiritual guide and ancestral healer for women to rebuild their inner self to embodied self-love and self-worth through a conscious connection to her heart, spirit, and Soul. Sarah Christine believes through this connection, women get to know their true authentic selves. Sarah guides women to feel safe in her body and free to express who she truly is emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Sarah Christine is a professionally trained Licensed Soul Therapist™, Generational Healer®, and Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator mentored by Deborah Skye King of the International Soul Therapy School® in Canada. Sarah works with clients globally online.

Begin working with her today in Soul Therapy Programs® to start your journey of healing and living your truth!

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