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Paula Vgori - Psychic Medium

Surrey, UK, GU22

Intuitive : Readers

Psychic Medium Paula Vgori

One of Surrey's well respected and renowned Psychic Mediums.

Card Readings
Crystal Dowsing

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Sophie Kalinauckas, Thursday 11 August 2016

I have to admit I’m a little obsessed with reading my horoscope every day, so when a chance came to meet with two Psychic Mediums I couldn’t pass it up. I grabbed a cup of coffee with Psychic Mediums Paula Vgori and Michele Gomie, a little apprehensive and nervous I sat fiddling with my thumbs. However, I soon relaxed in Paula and Michele’s company as they began telling me the stories of their spiritual journeys. Paula said that she knew she had psychic connections when she was just nine years old and it was when she received her mother’s blessing from the other side she decided to dedicate much of life to the practice. Michele’s story was slightly different; she discovered her holistic powers later in life and conquered her confidence in order to carry out her spiritual work.

‘We’re not fortune tellers,’ Paula maintained, ‘we endeavour to create peace in souls. We are just the link to love ones in spirit and we believe in the healing power of love.’ I learnt that Paula and Michele don’t seek fame or fortune through their work but instead help a variety of charities including animal charities. ‘We passionately devote our practice to helping people and animals. Animals have souls just like us and we strive to take care of our soul-relatives.’ Currently the pair are donating to Beaver Water World in Tadsfield, an animal sanctuary home to birds, lizards, turtles rabbits and of course beavers. ‘We also carry out readings using Animal Spiritual Cards which are used as oracles for people and for animals which we designed ourselves with a mission to help animals that have been ill-treated or who have suffered in the world.... Read on:

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