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East London, UK, IG1 2AH

Healing : Intuitive : Life Coach : Spiritual Therapists

Want to know how to be a courageous and powerful introvert? I have created a programme called Leadership Energy for people who are committed to transformation over 3 months?

We'll be exploring any and all underlying issues around power, feeling safe in the world, relating to other people and self-love. Emotions such as shame, lack of trust (self and others), fear, grief and any and all beliefs that don't support you.
Together, we'll explore in depth, one-on-one, what you want to be, do and have. Then we'll dive deep and clear out the blocks! More LIGHT, joy and ease happens when you awaken your Leadership Energy, and so much more unfolds in your life. You'll actually feel the sense of coming alive in an expansive, delightful way.

I'm launching a "beta" version of this program, so am doing it at a reduced rate for people that qualify. Indicate below if you're interested and we'll arrange a free consultation. I'd love to hear from you!!

Contact Jacqui if you are interested and we’ll arrange a free consultation to identify power blocks to be cleared and align you with your gifts/purpose and much more!!

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