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Manya Welch

Worcestershire, UK, WR6 6NQ

Intuitive : Mindfulness : Spiritual Therapists

International Award Winning Artist and Psychic Intuitive Manya Welch brings together her natural spiritual gifts and creativity to create Mandala inspired art that expresses the whispers of the soul to bring insight and clarity to the forefront of your daily life. Her inspired Mandala art can be used for meditation practice to help with focus and clarity in quietening the mind to allow you to connect with your own intuition, to help with healing and to bring insight.

Manya also runs Intricate Mandala Workshops allowing you to experience this wonderful and therapeutic practice of creating a mandala.

On this one day workshop she will share with you how you too can create a beautiful intricate Mandala design where you can take some time to quieten your mind and listen to your inner voice. By going within to listen to your intuition she believes great changes can be made to your external world.

Your finished mandala can be used for personal meditation practice or as an inspirational focal point.

Manya will also be able to offer some guidance in the messages that are being revealed through your design and colour symbolism.

What's Included:
Brief introduction and background in to Mandalas
Drawing tools and materials provided (except colouring tools)
Guidance on creating a grid to help you create your Mandala design
Introduction to Colour Symbolism
How to meditate with your Mandala

Contact Manya to book a place on her next workshop or visit her website for more information.

VISIT WEBSITE 07931327972
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  • 26th Feb 2020
VISIT WEBSITE 07931327972
Manya Welch - Creatively expressing whispers of the the soul through intuitive mandala inspired art for insight,healing and meditation
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