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Karolina Klappetek-Lelen

Tunbridge Wells, UK, TN1 1RP

Cognitive / Mind Therapists : Colour Therapists

My name is Karolina Klappetek-Lelen. I'm a bio-energy holistic therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Pendulum healer, and a Dowser.
My focus is to empower and assist people to move forward with their inner self-healing journey. It is a great privilege and honour to be able to provide support and guidance in this process.
My tool of choice is a pendulum. Pendulums are powerful ancient tools that can assist us today in many aspects of our living.
From a bioenergetic stand point they can be helpful to clear negative and dense energy, energetic blocks, traumas and entities to name only a few which have bacome obstacles on our life’s path.
The incredible results that can be achieved with pendulums during an energy-based treatment are quite astonishing and demonstrates that there are far more to us humans than just our physical body.

I offer sessions in persons or at the distance.
Contact me for more information or book a session via my website.

VISIT WEBSITE 07879056107
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