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Sharon Lewis - Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance Counselling and Past Life Regression Therapy

London SE26, UK, SE26 4LG

Counselling : Healing : Holistic Therapists : Intuitive : Mindfulness : Online / Global Practitioner : Spiritual Therapists

Reconnect at a deeper level with a different kind of counselling and therapy – Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance Counselling and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Whatever your challenges – health, relationships, finances, career or self-esteem; working with the Metaphysical approach can help.

Metaphysical Counselling is a holistic therapy based on spiritual principles. When we are out of alignment with our True Self, we may experience conflict and difficulty in our life.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a spiritual journey where you can follow threads of lifetimes to gain insights into blocks which may be impeding you from progressing or help you to understand unexplained fears, phobias or illnesses.

I will assist you to reconnect at a deeper level than the physical, mental or emotional realm, offering restorative support as you awaken from unconscious patterns which may be holding you back. I will help you to understand how to transform perceived challenges into soul lessons and understand how to apply Universal Laws to your life

I am also a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Advanced Practitioner and Relaxation Therapist., working with the therapies either individually or together, as appropriate.

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  • 22nd Oct 2019
VISIT WEBSITE 07985153857

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