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Stuart Harvey

Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone, Poole BH18 8NZ, UK, BH18 8ND

Sound Therapists

I am a Sound Therapist Practitioner and enjoy offering sound Healing either in Group work, one - to one sessions or Corporate events.

I have been a Sound Therapist for many years, so have much knowledge, wisdom of my skills and what I offer.

Sound and Vibration is based on the principle that sound changes consciousness. Sound healing therapy uses aspects of several equipment for e.g. Gongs, himalyan bowls, crystal bowls and so much more, to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. The person being treated partakes in the experience with mantras, meditation and simply enjoying the rest and relaxation.

Sound Healing lotus academy believes that music is definitely the key to the soul - if you can relate to this, then you are already "sound healing" and likely to find that it will resonate well with your being.

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