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Medium Angela Mitchell

1a High St, Maidenhead, UK, SL6 1JN

Healing : Intuitive : Readers

Angela is an established medium, healer, psychic artist and teacher based in Maidenhead.. She is known for her friendly, warm and welcoming personality. She has a very simple and straightforward attitude towards providing practical, empowering readings in the UK and Internationally. Angela is one of the emerging mediums around the world, trained at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, who believe in taking the "mystery" out of mediumship and making it more accessible to the general public. You get pure information from spirit and from your own soul without the drama. So don't book if you are expecting Mystic Meg! Expect a big smile, lots of laughter and a genuine reading.

Your session be it online or face to face, will be genuine, heartfelt and informative. Angela does two types of readings - psychic which is about YOU - your life, what is happening and what to expect. You can take the information provided to use your free will to make the decisions that will improve your life. Angela never tells people what to do.

Mediumship readings will be for Angela to open up to allow anyone in your spirit family to step in and provide information about themselves. Do keep an open mind as its not always the immediate family that comes through, it could be a spirit guide or someone connected to you. The message they have for you will be important, Angela is also a spirit artist so she is able to draw faces of Spirit. She has had some amazing results and does demonstrations.

"It really does make me feel proud when I get validation from the sitter on information provided by their Spirit family or friend. My best day in the office is seeing people leave happier and some of the burdens lifted" - Angela Mitchell 

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