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Sue Allsworth - Authentic Smile

25 Valebrook Close, CT20 3JN

Authors : Life Coach : Online / Global Practitioner : Shop

Sue Allsworth is enthusiastic and passionate about mental health and personal development. She has been a Health and Wellbeing practitioner with over 20 years of experience. While Sue started out as a reflexologist and aromatherapist, Sue has continued to grow and retrain both professionally and personally. Sue now has produced her own unique Journal Journey Interactive workbook series which are a collection of Personal Development books. By using and teaching the powerful tool of Journaling Sue has helped many people connect with and discovery their truth. With her business, “Authentic Smile”, she is focused on helping others find their true paths in life and their authentic Smile.

She has been on a deep and personal journey within and had to overcome many personal and health obstacles. Her own personal development journey has helped Sue to align with her authentic smile.

Sue runs workshops and retreats throughout the year whilst also running a Journal Journey Coach and Mentor training program.


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