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Miiko Lo - Pranic healing therapist

Salvington Road, Worthing BN13 2HN, UK, BN13 2HN

Healing : Holistic Therapists

Miiko first discovered Pranic Healing in 2011 after experiencing a taster treatment at a local relaxation evening. She was completely amazed at how all her stress, worries and concerns could simply disappear with just the wave of a hand and with no physical contact!

Miiko’s inquisitive nature led her to seek out more about this Pranic Healing therapy as she could easily see how it could be used to help both physical and emotional problems.

She attended the Level 1 (Basic course) and quickly went on to complete Level 2 (using colours) and Level 3 (Psychotherapy) and treats patients on a regular basis.

Pranic Healing can be used to treat anyone suffering from stress or anxiety, feeling low or depressed or suffering from physical aches or pains.. It can even help with more serious conditions such as diabetes, heart ailments and even addictions.

Miiko also runs relaxation sessions throughout the Worthing area for local businesses (de-clutter your mind) and community based meditation groups for health and wellbeing.

She also holds regular Personal Development Seminars to help people understand how energy can impact your health, your relationships and even your finances..

THERAPY VENUE : Worthing Natural Balance and Wellbeing, 170 Salvington Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 2HN

OFFERING : One-to-one Pranic Healing treatments; Health clinic (monthly); Group Relaxation Sessions; Corporate (held in the workplace) or community based (local venues)), Personal Development Seminars and Corporate workshops.

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