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Spiritual Numerologist

Torquay, UK, TQ2

Life Coach : Mindfulness : Readers : Spiritual Therapists

My name is Suzie and am passionate about numbers; i hated maths at school but 10 years ago i fell into a taster session on numerology and have never looked back! Through a system of assigning each letter in the alphabet to a number between 1 and 9 , we can ' read ' words, so every word you speak or even think has an energy/ a vibration which is why you should be careful with your words! There are also a few ' karmic ' lesson/debt numbers that will challenge you in this life.
I run workshops which provide the tools for you to make sense of situations and people around you-whens best to sign important papers, whether to move to a new house ( its No. or name ) career or just what will today bring ? Friends and family birthdays and anniversaries will always throw up some synchronicities and why not work out a name for your pet...the number will make a big difference ! The workshops are always filled with fun and laughter as students discover a few surprises .
I also do readings, in person or written.
You will never look at words or numbers the same again !

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  • 2nd Aug 2019

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