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Toni Jehan - Soul Realignment Practitioner, Tarot Reader

Felixstowe, UK, IP11 7BA

Spiritual Therapists

I am a Light Body Graduate that has been working for Spirit for over 20 years. I offer Tarot readings, workshops, spiritual poetry and am a Soul Realignment™ practitioner.

Soul Realignment™ is a service I am very passionate about as it offers us so many opportunities to move forward from a soul level without the weight of our past life Karmic debts creating blockages and restrictions in our lives. This is a service that I can offer internationally as I can make recordings of my findings and send them over to you by email via 2 x 90 minute MP3 recordings. This service is conducted through your own personal Akashic Record (soul record), your permission is required for this to be done.

I offer Tarot workshops, which offers an intuitive way to get you started working with your cards, these are done in Felixstowe. So if you are having trouble learning your cards, let me show you a whole new way!

I also offer Living Beyond Perception workshops which come with full presentation slides and workbooks which aim to give you a better understanding of how our perception about us, our lives and the world in which we live keeps us away from true spiritual development and awareness and will give you much to think about!

If you would like to find out more about any of these services, please go to my website below.

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