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Louise Francis, Empower Your Soul

church crookham, fleet uk, GU52 8AE

Healing : Holistic Therapists : Intuitive : Mindfulness : Online / Global Practitioner : Readers : Spiritual Therapists

I am a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner, Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader providing services by phone, skype, email or in person.

Services I offer include:

Rahanni Celestial Healing (in person or distant sessions available)
Soul Realignment Readings
Spirit Guide Readings
Soul Gifts and Life Lesson Readings
Relationship Readings
Chakra Readings
Property Readings
Soul Coaching Oracle Card Readings
Workshops and more

A bit more detail about some of my services:

Akashic Record Readings: I instigate Soul Clearing through the Akashic Records, including removing past and present life negativity, such as implants, vows, contracts, soul attachments, negative karma and much more. I help my clients to understand how these were created and the new action to take.

Oracle Card Readings and Spirit Guide Readings: I pass on messages from Spirit (Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters) to help you with what you are currently facing. With a Spirit Guide Reading I reveal who your personal Guide Team are including messages from them.

Soul Realignment: Discover who you are at Soul level, your gifts and talents, soul group characteristics and other information from your Divine Soul Blueprint to help you recognise your Divine nature. I also instigate clearing of past and present life blocks and negative karmic patterns that have been preventing you from expressing who you are and creating what you want.

Rahanni Celestial Healing: A hands-on or distant healing modality channelled through the practitioner, releasing emotional trauma, fears and negativity, balancing mind, body and soul, bringing peace and clarity, and may provide an easing of ailments. Receive love, compassion and energy clearing from the Angelic Realms .

My aim is to help my clients to connect to their inner wisdom (which is also where information from Spirit is received), clear what is holding them back and assist them to create what they do want in their life.

I look forward to Reading for you.

Full details of all my services are available on my website


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