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Clairvoyant Readings with Dee Banton

6 Woodland Avenue, Porthcawl CF36 5HU, UK, CF36 5HU


Clairvoyant Readings

with Dee Banton – A Natural Clairvoyant Medium
Skype - Phone - One to One Readings

Known Internationally for her “Inspirational and Accurate Readings. With over 25 years experience as a Clairvoyant Medium, Healer & Shaman.” Having travelled to Australia & Hong Kong Dee has met and read for, a wide variety of people from different cultures, either in person, by Skype or phone.

"I am also Clairsentient and Clairaudient allowing me to feel and receive messages from family, guides or Masters."

Dee has a high vibrational energy – connecting with the Angels & Ascended Masters, which envelopes you during a session. If you need advice on your life path or to resolve and issue, I am here to help you. A reading helps to clarify your daily life and open the doorway to create a positive future.

"I receive clear and direct guidance for you and insights for the future. As a medium I also receive direct messages form a loved ones."

Open the doorway to your future today! And … allow yourself to live everyday in joy and happiness! The key lies within you; through a personal reading I will help you unlock that door!

Dee offers Skype Readings and One to One Personal Readings.

During your Reading

Dee will connect clairvoyantly with her guides to receive direct communication for you. Sometimes the Masters come directly in, or loved ones that may be waiting to communicate with you.
You can ask directly if you wish to speak to a love one, or link with a Master.
Sometimes I use Aura Some Tarot during the reading if we feel the expansion of the cards is required. If your guides have directed you to me, then they know exactly what you need to know at this time.
I look forward to speaking with you and being your communicator and spiritual connection with the other realms.

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Reiki Enlightenment - The Birth of Enlightenment Reiki Throughout my life I have received downloads of information and been taught and guided by the Ascended Masters. Through my meditations and talks with the Masters, came the idea of restructuring my teaching methods of Crystals, Colour and Sound, into a system overseen by the Ascended Masters. Making these modules more accessible to those already trained in Reiki whilst they gain a Higher Vibrational Energy and a new skill, for those dedicated to the next step of their journey to Ascension. So was born Reiki Enlightenment, which will be directly overseen by the Masters of each Ray, as a Gift to us all, providing healing tools to remind us of our ancient wisdom and knowledge through Sound, Crystals and Creative Colour. I know that all areas of my life are supported by the Higher Realms, my guides, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Cosmic Beings! The many realms and dimensions which interact with us and support us in evolving every day! The Beauty of life is that we are evolving together, learning and growing and expanding the Light Network here on the Earth plane. We here at Reiki Enlightenment invite you to step on the path of Enlightenment and join us on the pathway of Ascension.
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