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BlaQ Fire

Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 19149

Authors : Counselling : Healing : Life Coach : Mindfulness : Shop : Spiritual Therapists

BlaQ Fire is a meta-physician and teacher of spirituality since 2013. Her expertise in the mystical essence behind words, etymology, numerology, and phonology has expanded into helping her find her true life’s purpose. Her passion is helping people find the super hero within. She uses spiritual motivation to assist people in pursuing their purpose and realizing their true self . She focuses especially in giving a guidance, understanding & remembrance to the Mother aspect of God. She promotes the birth right to self love, self care, self realization, self accountability and most importantly the all encompassing philosophy of knowledge of self.

She is the creator of a 13 step curriculum known as Self Realization Of A Goddess. This curriculum is to help women expand their awareness of universal laws and principles especially in regards to the womb. By studying the womb we are able to grasp the law of attraction, karma, and the stages of self development. The goal of BlaQ Fire Nation is to assist in the rebirth of the hero.

BlaQ Fire has helped hundreds of people have a deeper level of understanding of themselves through her name interpretation, birth date interpretations as well as her online courses at BlaQ Fire Nation University.

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