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Practitioner Features

Create one or multiple practitioner listings

Add content about your services. If you add events to you can attach them to your listing so people can see what events you're hosting at a glance.

  • Create unlimited practitoner listings.
  • Attach events to your listings.
  • Add a contact details, website, phone number, contact box.
  • Add your location and map.


  • One month listing: $6
  • Three month listing: $20
  • Six month listing: $40
  • Annual listing: $80
  • Payment taken in USD, EUR or GBP.

Add Practitioner Listing

Visitors can easily find practioners by location, category, description or simply click to find services near them.

Vistors can:

  • Search for practioners near them
  • Easily see events a pracitioner is hosting
  • Visitors can follow your profile to keep up to date with what you post

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