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The Kemetic (Traditional African) Calendar: Dogon Tribe's Mysteries of the Sirius Star

After over 2,000years of preserving Kemetic (traditional african) culture in secrecy, West Africa's Dogons have now re-opened the Original Mysteries Schools of Ancient Kemet (Pharoanic Egypt) to the modern world. Initiates of The Earth Center (a non-profit organization rooted in traditional Africa) will expose you to this ancient spiritual technology known as the Sidereal Calendar which is based on the Sirius star. The event will take place inside the Nile Valley Bookstore in "Round Circle Format". You will be able to interact with and ask questions to the initiates. Initiates will explain how to use the Sidereal Calendar as a technology for spiritual practice, dimensional placement, alignment and elevation of the spirit entity. You will be able to purchase a copy of the calendar as well as get information on you you may gain access to deeper knowledge of traditional Africa's original mystery school that is still in operation today. Tickets: Time: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM Price: Free: CAD 0.00
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