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Live Nativity! Come and See our interactive Bethlehem Village and Scripture Scene meditative walk!

Come and see the events of the first Christmas in an evening of lights, live illustration, and music. Begin with a tour of our stunning sanctuary here at Our Savior Lutheran Church and take in the beautiful art and architecture which makes Our Savior a must-visit location in Houston. Sit and listen to the sounds of bells, choirs, and harps, as they enliven the evening with their beautiful music. Then make your way to Old Town Bethlehem. As in Bethlehem of old, our Bethlehem Village will consist of families working at their trade together: the carpenter will be teaching his son and the weaver her daughter. Participate with the tradespeople with a related craft, then grab a hot beverage and take a serene stroll through our meditative Scripture walk. Read verses from Holy Scripture and listen to the voices of God's people as they recount His plan of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, while seeing the Biblical scenes come to life through our living dioramas. We invite your whole family to come and see the true meaning of Christmas with us this year. Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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VISIT WEBSITE 7132909087 (Sarah Baughman)

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