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Sound shower/bath.

Sound Shower: A sound audible shower of pure healing relaxing vibrational sound given by experienced qualified Sound Practitioner Eternal Senses. With his fellow facilitators he conducts a symphony of sounds using audio Vibrational instruments. Playing Singing bowls (Crystal & metal); Gongs; Vocal; Percussion, Drums; and Crystal pyramid; Practitioner crystal bowls; Vocal overtones; and nature sounds and many more. Each Shower has a different theme with Sound being the essence of the experience. This form of and use of Sound may have Healing, Balancing, physical, emotional, mindful and Spiritual and wholesome well-being properties. At the very least it will relax you and at the most may enhance your whole body system enabling healing and well-being to resonate your vibrations. Sound & its Healing properties may help with: Bringing a balance to the Mind, Body and Soul. Relaxation, calmness. Anxiety & Stress & Depression . A release of Pain: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual. Raising of energy. Letting go of issues. Sleep deprivation. Clarity & Focus. Blood pressure Plus many more issues that we as sentient are plagued with. Attendees sit in a circle or lay on the floor and experience the healing vibration of the amazing sounds that are created. The session is guided by at Master Sound Practitioner and 3 facilitators. The session begins with a relaxing Meditative visualisation which leads into the sounds played by the performers. Singing bowls touch on the shoulders, arms or legs of the sitters, allowing attendees to experience the vibration of sound! The Practitioner(s) and the performers will sing and chant at certain point during the session creating a unique vibration of Sounds in and around you that will relax and calm. The session can last up to 1 hour dependant on group size. All of these sessions that we have done over the years have been well attended and the feedback and enjoyment is amazing! Attendees have many experiences during these Sound showers, which range from physical feelings, emotional, and spiritual awakenings! They experience colours and imagery and a sense of well-being. Experience a unique journey into well-being and treat yourself! You deserve it. This is a amazing experience. Tickets £15 in advance please. Please message or ring/text 07502161279 to purchase tickets & reserve your place. It is not advised to attend the sound shower if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. **Be aware that once the event has begun we cannot allow entry as this will disturb others and the ambience we are creating. ***It is advised that you bring something soft to lie upon and something to rest your head and fairly warm clothing or blanket to cover you if you so wish.
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VISIT WEBSITE +447502161279 (Mrs Mandy Lafferty)

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