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Kundalini Reiki - Level Two.

Kundalini Reiki courses. A journey of healing & self realisation through Kundalini Reiki. This course is made up of three one day workshops, three being the Master/teacher level. This is possibly one of the simplest, but extremely powerful forms of healing & self development system that exists. Many are of the opinion that the healing effected when the Kundalini has been awakened is that it is that much more powerful because both spiritual (universal life force) energies and earth energies are being harnessed. During Kundalini Activation work, the masculine and feminine energies within the practitioner are balanced and merged, as the main energy channel is opened. Universal Life Force Energy is drawn down through the system as the earth energy is simultaneously drawn up through the system. This action creates a powerful, energising and purifying heat. The Earth and Universal energies meet and fuse at the level of the sacral chakra and the resulting high-frequency creative force moves downward to the base chakra where the dormant Kundalini resides. Through this transformative, alchemical process (the reconciliation of opposites), the Kundalini Flame is kindled and Kundalini Fire is activated. No prerequisites for this course (apart from having completed level 1), but personally I feel that if you have already learnt Usui Reiki you will have a greater understanding which will assist you immensely with Kundalini Fire. As previously mentioned this course is made up of three one day workshops. Each day running from 10.30 till 4pm Each day costs £40. Limited spaces so a non refundable £20 deposit holds your place. This is the second of three.
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