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RITUALS - Full Moon Experience

8PM - DOORS OPEN Discover our new property while you experience the following Rituals 9 PM - ECSTATIC DANCE - FULL MOON EXPERIENCE - By ZOEL Sacred dance is as ancient as our humanity and present in all cultures and religions. Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance, to free your mind, body and connect with yourself and others in vibrant health. . 10 PM - CANDLE LIGHT MOON MEDITATION - By SITARA The full moon magnifies the activity of the mind, amplifying conscious and unconscious thoughts. We come together as a collective to offer all of these to the moon and create the perfect setting to deepen our meditation 11:11 PM - SILENCE CLOSING We invite you to leave in silence this sacred portal and take this magic with you. Rituals is specifically designed to offer you a safe and sacred space to honor whatever it is you're currently "with" right now. A truly come-as-you-are, with all your fears, your shortcomings, your hopes, feelings and dreams. We are looking forward to seeing you all! URL: Tickets: Price: General Admission: USD 88.00 Time: 8:00 pm to 11:11 pm
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VISIT WEBSITE 3059425377 (The Movement Be Here Now)

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