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Ceremonial Cacao & Sound Journey

I'm delighted to be offering another chance to journey with the blissful ceremonial cacao elixir blended with the harmonious sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, drums and natural percussion on the 1st July. This event will also be working with the energies of the Cancer new moon helping us to focus, set and manifest our intentions for this moon cycle. The event will be held at 6pm at the Over Stratton village hall, Over Stratton, Somerset. TA13 5LN. Revered as a sacred plant medicine by the ancient Meso-American cultures, ceremonial cacao has the ability to help balance hormones and relieve PMS (there's a reason why women instinctively reach for chocolate during times of the month!). Cacao can also help improve mental focus, relieve depression, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, support the liver and cardio-vascular system and detoxify as well as spiritually activating the heart and conscious awareness. Combined with the healing sound vibrations which can help to move emotional blockages, relieve stress & tension, relax muscles and promote wellbeing, these events can be a wonderful opportunity for radical rest and nurturing. Please note that ceremonial cacao is contra-indicated for people on heart or anti-depressant medications. Pregnant women are able to participate but will receive a lesser dose. Please contact me on [email protected] or on 07817 557570 if you need further info or wish to book a place.
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Sarah Shivani  Williams
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