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Online Vedic Astrology Certification Course

Indian Palmistry Institute offers Astrology Certification Online Course combine of Vedic astrology and KP astrology. If you are new in the field of astrology then you must start from the Vedic Astrology Online Course. This will lay a strong foundation for your astrological learning. This course you can attend only after learning Vedic astrology. This is an advanced course for serious learners. Learning Professional KP Astrology Online Course gives capacity for really making correct predictions of all kinds of queries. Course Eligibility Basic understanding of English is required as our course material is in English only. Classes will be conducted online, so student must have a computer with webcam and good internet connection. Course Duration = 2 Months (two days in a week) Conducted online face to face Both of these courses can be done one after another. After attending both these courses students will be able to make predictions with great confidence and skills. Many the students are practicing professionals in various places of the world.
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VISIT WEBSITE 09358549482 (Gaurav Agarwal)

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