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Psychic Ability: One Day Class

We will understand the meaning of psychic ability. We will know how we are intuitive and comprehend your connection to energy. Is it something you see? Do you hear a voice? Maybe, it could be a gut feeling? We all, at one point, have wished that we could foretell the future or make the best choice during times of transition, as well as allow the higher-self to guide us. Come be Psychic with me! I know the answers reside with us; all we must do is quiet the mind and begin to follow the internal compass - known as the heart center. Kathrine will share the tools to access and strengthen our intuition and ignite the heart center. We will learn to trust and understand what we feel as we begin to identify our unique intuitive language. One day class will consist of: Understanding the meaning of psychic ability, and how we are intuitive and comprehend your connection to energy. Opening the Intuitive self: we discover our unique ability and intuitive language to awaken our psychic senses. Energy: discussion on brain waves and energy Crystals and Chakra: sacred stones and the energy centers to ignite our connection. The Chakras are subtle light energy that resides at the body's center. We can not see them; however, we may sometimes feel them. The foundation can be discovered in yoga and the philosophy of Hinduism. In this section of the class, we will explore, The Chakra system. Experience tools help the practitioner create a successful practice. The experiential aspect of this workshop will cover mediation and crystals. You will also receive a crystal to start your practice. URLs: Instagram: Facebook: Price: Psychic Ability: USD 249.00 Artist / Speaker: Kathrine Mitchell Time: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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VISIT WEBSITE 6312776190 (Kathrine Mitchell)

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