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Healing, Transformation & Manifestation Retreat, Afan Valley, South Wales

A place where you can relax, be at one, add balance, recharge, heal, transform and manifest. Created with your well-being in mind, this retreat will assist you with releasing all that no longer serves you, add balance to your life, somewhere you can come for self-healing and effectively have your chakras cleared and balanced via various holistic healing modalities that are available. With daily group activities also available to assist, we will be working with the energy of the New Moon during this weekend, so you will be able to set intentions effectively to manifest that which is for your highest good. With the well-being of your mind, body, and spirit taking centre stage over the course of the weekend, this retreat will allow you relax, unwind, nurture you, and Love yourself that little more. You will leave feeling at peace, balanced, refreshed, rejuvenated, restored, ready for the next stage of your journey, and to manifest the life that is your Birthright to experience. Unplug from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a long weekend getaway that will allow you to recharge, heal, connect, transform, and manifest. Group Activities: Daily Qigong Daily Walk Daily Meditation Daily Sound Healing Mindfulness workshop Intention Setting workshop Manifestation workshop Self-care with essential oils, candle making, and energy aura spray creation. A Beautiful Soul Retreats by Danielle Alaina Ellis. Here to assist you to energetically heal that which is needed, within stunning tranquil surroundings, filled with Divine Love & Light, and here to be of service by holding your hand, as you align with your highest timeline, whilst transforming into the true essence of you.
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