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The Viaduct Tavern Paranormal Investigation

The Viaduct Tavern is situated directly across the street from where the harsh and notorious Old Newgate Prison once stood. in this same area lies a small fountain, believed to be where public executions of the jail’s prisoners where undertaken. Still intact within the underground cellar of the bar, below the floor of the Viaduct Tavern are several mysterious prison cells. Our night will consist of an introduction, Protection and a Health & Safety Talk, you will be split into groups of 6 or less and will be encouraged to be pro-active during the event, you will have the opportunity to monitor our ghost hunting equipment throughout the night. Enjoy vigils such as Glass Divination, Seances, Planchette Divination, Scrying and more, You will be accompanied by an experienced Team Leader and a Medium periodically throughout the night. More information can be found on our Facebook Page @HPPIEvents
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