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Sunday 4th September 2022 with Keith Westmancott 10am – 4pm £45.00 I have been interested in all forms of metaphysical phenomenon for many years, including Dowsing, Psychic Abilities, Mediumship,Trance and Art. I have recently begun to bring Astrology into the world of Tarot. I have run courses and given workshops and talks on various metaphysical subjects and really enjoy doing this work. A philosophy of mine is 'what is the point of knowledge if you can't pass it on’ To this end I will be holding this Tarot workshop The aim of the workshop is to give you a basic understanding of Tarot and how it can help in the everyday world. It is open to everyone those with no prior knowledge of Tarot, those with some experience and those who are experienced in the use of these cards. There is always something to learn. The workshop will include: A journey through the major arcana - Numerology in Tarot How to ask a question - How to determine either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Colour in Tarot – Symbolism - Simple yet effective layouts - Reading the cards Astrology - The Elements - Zodiac Wheel – Traits I would ask anyone participating in this workshop to bring a park of Tarot cards (ideally Rider Waite Universal) or a pack with plenty of symbolism i.e. Morgan Greer, Osho Zen A writing pad and pen/pencil, your lunch and an open and enquiring mind.
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