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Finding Your Frequency Family

The times are most definitely changing and especially energetically on this planet. As a result many people are becoming more responsive to the new energy rather than physical matter. This doesn’t make us any less human, however it does shift and raise your energetic vibration to the point where your preferences and attachments to things and people on this planet may well change. These current times are a massive evolutionary opportunity for those who choose to take it. Generally speaking, we are all born into a physical family and sometimes we resonate with those family members, sometimes less so. Sometimes people can feel as though they have nothing in common with those that they are biologically born with, perhaps feeling like an outsider or even outcasting themselves. Equally, sometimes people find themselves growing apart from or having less in common with their loved and/or related ones (especially in recent times). For those that are becoming more attuned to energy rather than matter, what you have “in waiting” if you like is a frequency family. Beings, perhaps in human form or perhaps in spirit form that match and resonate with your frequency. This is something different to the “Soul group” concept, whose members are in incarnation to help us move through karmic lessons. OUr frequency family are here to help us flourish and grow. The purpose of this Finding Your Frequency Family workshop is to help you to attune you to the frequency that you are moving into and thus help you to attract your frequency family. Frequency “attunements” are carried out using the medium of crystal sound healing and energy healing. The workshop consists of a talk/discussion, meditation and crystal sound healing attunement
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