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Glastonbury Retreat - Take Charge of Your Destiny

This retreat between Friday 17th September 2021 and Monday 20th September 2021 is designed to heal your past, create your future, transform your present so you can come home feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take charge of your destiny. Over 4 days we will work with Saint Germain and Mary Magdalene to clear and transmute, connect with your heart, explore your past and future with free time to explore Glastonbury either on your own, with others or with me as a guide. I am familiar with Glastonbury having been on many journeys down there working on myself, so I know how magical it is. We will also connect with the dragons who reside and maybe Merlin. You will be able to make your own way by train and bus if you want though there will be a chance to car share so we all travel down together and come back together. Breakfast can be included though most people prefer to bring their own or purchase when when they arrive. Dinner on Friday will be fish and chips or something we can cook. Sunday night will be cooked by all of us as a communal meal and we can buy any ingredients in Glastonbury (again if you think there is something you need to eat you are more than welcome to bring it). Saturday night we will go out to eat at one of the restaurants in Glastonbury. It is limited to a maximum of 5 people and will be £349 for all 4 days/3 nights. You will be sharing a room with one or two others (you may be able to have your own room for £399 subject to how many people want a room to themselves). You will need to bring warm clothes and a torch with you as we will be going up the TOR on the Sunday evening to connect with the Dragons and Merlin. If I am able to get us private access to The White Spring to connect with the Goddesses of Glastonbury and you are now allowed to bathe in the waters I will try to arrange that for the Saturday. There is a non-refundable deposit of £100 to book your place (unless we are in lockdown again) and the rest can be paid in instalments with full amount a week before. A full schedule will be given on receipt of deposit though this may change before we get down to Glastonbury or whilst we are down there depending on weather and not being able to get into The White Spring. To register your place, get more details and/or pay the deposit please contact me direct. Registration closes 23rd July 2021.
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RAE - I help those at a crossroads in their lives to Heal their Past, Create their Future, Transform their Present so that they can take control of their destiny in the here and now.

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