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Altered States, TRANCE, & Cabinet Work Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October 10am - 4pm £100 pp Non-residential full weekend workshops with Bernie Scott international medium SATURDAY SITTING IN THE POWER Passionate about Trance, then this is for you Spirit wishes to communicate with us and that may via a philosophy, personal guidance, messages from loved ones or profound inspiration, the possibilities are endless. It is only ourselves that restrict their influence. This workshop will help you to trust in not only yourself but the communicators that work with you. SUNDAY CABINET WORK We will be sitting in séance conditions for most of the day. You will experience working within the cabinet during this workshop, working in red light and candlelight. It will be a day of enlightenment and will encourage you to use the techniques in all areas of your spiritual pathway. The merging of two worlds and the levels of Knowing Trance states enhance the development of mental mediumship. Enabling you to become a better instrument for spirit Limited to 10 people only, This will give you more time to work with your spiritual communicators. Advance booking only Refreshments provided - Please bring packed lunch
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