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Dowsing Workshop With Keith And Annie Westmancott Sunday 19th September 2021 10.00am – 4.00pm £40.00 The workshop is designed for both the beginner and more advanced student. Subjects to be covered may include:- How to use a Pendulum and pendulum Dowsing How to use ‘L’ rods and their use Introduction to ‘Y’ Rod, ’the Bobber and Cameron Aurameter’ Ethics in Dowsing Asking the right question - Finding your Yes and No response Foods which are good or not so good for the person How to use a fan chart - Distant Dowsing - Chakra Balancing Some outside stuff using ‘L’ rods weather permitting Counting - Earth Energy - Flower remedies - Choosing Crystals If you already have a favourite pendulum or ‘L’ rods do please bring them. The workshop content may change slightly, the above is a good guide of the subjects we will cover. Heaven sent spiritual centre Bristol BS37 8RJ
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