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Spiritual Development on-line 8 week course

Who is this course for? This course is for people new to Spirituality and also for people with some Spiritual experience. This course is based on my 30 years spiritual experience and the teachings of the Ascended masters. Course content summary (May change) The history of our spiritual journey Spiritual protection & Protecting our Energy field Calling upon spirit for help & protection Soulmates, karmic relationships and Twin Flames Spiritual meditations Duality consciousness & Oneness consciousness I AM Presence, Christ Self, Your Conscious You and Your Soul Understanding and connecting to your I AM presence The Purpose of Your Soul's Evolution How to raise ones consciousness, spiritual ascension / enlightenment Balance Karma (Sin), Your divine plan Life Lessons / Life Contracts Understanding our Ego’s and taking back our power Universal spiritual laws Auric body System / Aura / Energy Field Spiritual invocations & Decrees My background & experience I was brought up as a Catholic and I went to church until I was in my late teens. I found that Catholicism was a good spiritual foundation but during my late teens I felt that something was missing in my spiritual life. I started to attend trance mediumship and clairvoyance demonstrations which I found very interesting which piqued further interest in all things spiritual. During the mid 1990’s I attended several training courses at the “Joseph Carey Psychic foundation” (JCPF) in Portsmouth, England. The training courses covered a wide range of spiritual topics and involved a combination of theory and practical work. We learnt about spiritual protection, spiritual healing, spiritual philosophy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, ESP and other spiritual practices. I qualified as a JCPF spiritual healer and worked as a spiritual healer at the weekly JCPF healing clinics. I have also attended other healing training courses and workshops and I now practice as an “Guided intuitive Energy Healer” which involves using the following healing modalities: - Spiritual healing, Reiki healing, Sound healing, Shamanic, Etheric Crystals, Angelic energies, distance healing, Ascended masters and using the seven sacred flames. I am a diploma qualified Hypnotherapist and help people to deal with their fears, phobias, Stopping smoking, weight loss, anxiety etc. For people with Spiritual beliefs I also practice Spiritual hypnotherapy, spiritual psychology and past life regressions. I facilitate and run the following workshops: - Spiritual development, spiritual psychology, understanding the Ego & spiritual wisdom using ones I AM presence / higher self Working towards your Ascension & raising your consciousness Energy Healing Reiki healing (Level 1 & 2) Transcendental meditation How to become a student of the Ascended Masters
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