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Palmistry Course (online, date optional)

Welcome to a great new online course with Inspiral and Anita Panayiotis ! Cross my palm with silver and let’s see what’s happening this year with a fresh look at your hands ! Learn how to decipher your clients life by looking at the shape and size of the hands and the lines, mounds and planetary associations you can see there. You can tell a lot about someone just by their palms and fingers, and gauge whether they are a nice (or not so nice) person, are in the right job or are even a good lover! As we know, the police use fingerprints to identify offenders - no coincidence, as no two sets are the same. The unique nature of your hand prints, left at a crime scene, makes for a pretty iron cast indictment! This is a 4 week course, online via live link with Anita. Starting on the 20th of February, it costs just £40 all in !
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