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21-Day Healing Program

Join the transformational healing journey! Special Offer until November 25, 2020! 21-Day Healing Program with Zoë Devi Theme: Lightworkers Unite - Deep Trust and Activation of the Light Grid Starting December 1, 2020 For 21 days you will receive one healing session per day wherever you are in the world. Zoë gives the healing sessions remotely and she works with purifying, strengthening, balancing and upgrading your energy system by using high frequencies and Nordic Light Healing™. - - - - - - - - - - - Allow the activations to change and strengthen you in preparation for the Ascension. Connect to the Global Golden Light Network and your Star Family, and experience a powerful upgrade, cleansing and healing. - - - - - - - - - - - New in this program: -Deep Trust -Restoration of the Trust Link -Held by Source -Powerful Activations and Upgrades -Connect to the 11th Gate -The Golden Frequency -Strengthening your Sovereignty -The Global Golden Light Network -Reunite with Your Star Family - - - - - - - - - - - Satisfied Participants: "Thank you for the 21-Day Healing. I’m almost 80 years old and during this program I was able to get rid of the dizziness I have. I think I also got one heart valve fixed and an improved pancreas!" Monica Samuelsson, Farsta, Sweden - "Thank you for 21 absolutely wonderful days! On the last day, I felt sad that “it was over” and decided to ask if I could get a new 21-day healing sometime this fall – and yes, it was possible. Looking forward to the next round!" Birgitta Engdahl, Kristianstad, Sweden - "I want to thank you enormously for this journey! I never wanted it to end. It was so wonderful to feel the serenity, safety, and love that I felt during this healing. Difficult things have come up, but I felt as if I had to heal a lot and I did." Susanne Jonsson, Stockholm, Sweden - - - - Book your spot here: - - - - Welcome! Zoë with team
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