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Celebrating 45 Years of Judy in Action. A virtual retirement tribute. December 20, 2020 11am EST

Please join us for a virtual retirement tribute celebrating Judy Patkin's 45 years in action at Action for Soviet/Post-Soviet Jewry (APSJ). There is no cost to participate in the event. Please consider a contribution to Action for Post-Soviet Jewry, in Judy's honor to sustain her life's work. The program will start promptly at 11:00 am EST. Please join in at 10:45 am to schmooze, kibitz and toast Judy. Stay on at noon to kvell, schmooze, kibitz, and do a few last toasts. Judy led APSJ through the refusenik era, guiding missions, educating activists, and finding ways to secretly bring medicine and supplies to thousands of Jews trapped in the Soviet Union. At the same time, Judy worked endlessly to advocate for the release of prisoners of conscience. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Judy was one of the first on the ground to declare that there was still work to be done, and she committed the organization to the welfare and renewal of elderly and isolated Jews in the now former Soviet Union. If you knew Judy, you would know she is not the gold watch or crystal vase type. The most meaningful way to honor and delight this indomitable woman who has been Action's heart, soul, and driving force for 45 years-and who will celebrate her 85th birthday the week before this tribute-is to ensure that her life's work continues. Please consider a contribution to Action for Post-Soviet Jewry in Judy's honor. Your contribution will support the organization Judy helped build for over three decades to care for elderly and isolated Jews in the former Soviet Union. With pogroms, purges, and centuries of government-sanctioned anti-Semitism, life for Jews in the former Soviet Union has never been easy. APSJ's work is ongoing, and your contribution will ensure that the people who Judy is most concerned about, the elderly and isolated, will continue to be provided with life-saving support. Up to USD 10,000 and Beyond: Visionary Mention during virtual event . digital tribute journal . website Up to USD 5,000: Sustainer Digital tribute journal . website Up to USD 1,800: Advocate Digital tribute journal . website Up to USD 500: Enthusiast Digital tribute journal . website Up to USD 180: Friend Digital tribute journal . website Please give as generously as you can. Thank you! For event information including registration, donation and submitting a tribute please go to www, . To donate online, visit Checks can be mailed to 24 Crescent Street Suite 306, Waltham MA 02453. . For information on how to submit your video or written tribute to Judy, please go to . Please email [email protected] or call (781) 893-2331 with any questions. URL: Tickets: Price: General Admission: USD 0.00 Time: 10:45 am to 12:15 pm
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VISIT WEBSITE 781-893-2331 (Debbie Kardon)

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