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Words have Power - Mind Body Soul Summit

Words have Power - Mind Body Soul Summit
Mind Body Soul Summits Online are delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your life. You also have 30 days after the event to re-watch or catch up if you did not manage them all on the day. SATURDAY - UNIVERSALLY SPEAKING WORKSHOP This workshop will take you on an interactive journey throughout the day. Have a pen and notebook ready as you will be using journaling plus meditations and visualisations as tools to help you connect with your authentic uniqueness. Journal writing is an important aspect of your personal development. It enables you to change your looping thought process and gain clarity of your authentic self. Explore and learn new self-care techniques: Law of Attraction Connect with your Uniqueness How to create your Power Truths Mirror work Creatively create vision boards for your word of the year and more... You will most benefit from this day by giving yourself a full day to immerse yourself. By joining us on the 26th for the full day you can join in on the Live webinar share sessions throughout the day. Or you will be able to immerse yourself for a day with the replays. SUNDAY - SUMMIT This experienced team of experienced speakers will empower and inspire to help change your negative thoughts and beliefs. They will guide you to create a positive mindset to enable you to change your life: Hypnosis Louise Hay Philosophy Asking for help Connecting with colours and Angels The magic of your words and more... All demonstrating different ways showing you how powerful your words truly are. How you can acknowledge your negative beliefs and change them to positive beliefs. Create and manifest a positive mindset and enhance your life experiences. Learn new self-care tools and personal development techniques to help you change limiting beliefs and thoughts. Changing your beliefs cannot be done overnight, but with practice, patience and perseverance, you can create better life experiences and maintain your Authentic Smile. FOR FULL DETAILS ON ALL THE SPEAKERS AND THEIR TALKS AND YOUR 50% DISCOUNT TICKET PLEASE GO TO:- You can also find out more and contact me - Sue Allsworth of Authentic Smile on FaceBook: Promo Video -
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