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Re-Centring Yourself And Re-Evaluating Your Values - Online Zoom Workshop

I have been guided to run this workshop remotely to connect people via Zoom and to give us all an opportunity to go within and to re-evaluate where we are at and what we need to heal to be able to move forward. We are living in exciting times as the world as we know it is changing. As the world changes we need to re-evaluate our values and see if they still sit with us and if not do something to put the changes in place that will lead us into being more heart-centred. This workshop will also give us as a group the opportunity to send love out to the world to help the Earth and everyone here at this time to heal and feel more centred as well. The Zoom link to participate for the call will be sent to you after your booking is confirmed. After the event, you will get access to the recordings, as well as meditations and notes of the session. This workshop will explore: Identifying your current values What effect has the Corona Virus outbreak had on your values? Connecting with your heart and soul to discover your Souls values Identifying blocks that may stop you from holding your Souls values Healing to align you with your Souls values Connecting with the Earth to discover her Souls values How might the values of all people on the planet change? Healing to help us all to align with the Earths Souls values Please Note: The price for this event would normally be £25, but during these uncertain times, not everyone may feel comfortable with committing that amount right now. With that in mind, I have set this event to be by donation.
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