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30 evening spiritual development course

The spiritual development only runs once a year in Sept. It consists of 30 evening classes starting at 6-30pm till 9-30pm on Tuesday nights. The course will be suspended for xmas, inclement weather conditions or if I am sick. If it snows or it is foggy we may cancel the course as it is not unusual for people to travel 60 to 80 miles for this course. The course covers almost all elements of development including aura's, chakra's, spiritual healing, angels, psychometry, grounding and protection, spirit guides, seeing aura's, pendulum work, archangels, crystal healing, crystal divination, runes, palmistry. numerology and much more right through to mediumship. The course costs £330 payable by a £30 booking deposit and 30 weekly instalments of £10 a week payable on each evening of the course. If however your circumstances change you may leave after the first 10 week period by giving one weeks paid notice and owe no more. You should try to attend at least 26 of the 30 evening to get the full benefit from the course. If you cover all the subjects you will receive 3 levels of certificate at 10 weekly intervals with the third being "advanced". Please note that if you have to miss a week you will need to pay for that week on your return as the payments are instalments. This course takes place at the Clinic of well-being in uphill Lincoln on Broadway. Free parking is available on the street or the drive. You will receive a comprehensive manual covering all elements of the course along with refreshments including biscuits and herbal infusions and 3 certificates during this course.For further information on this course please visit the website at or call/text 07955267143 or e-mail me at [email protected] I will be Your tutor for this course. I am a psychic medium and clairvoyant, Reiki Master and Teacher and spiritual healer. This course is very popular and early booked is advised Please see the website on the "training course" page for the full details of this course.
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VISIT WEBSITE 07955267143 (Dee Browne)

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