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Sister Stories Women's Circle With Heart Opening Cacao

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF DEEP CONNECTION AND TO SHARE THE TRUTH OF OUR EXPERIENCE TOGETHER. ABOUT THE EVENING Are you listening but not being heard? Is there so much noise that you can't hear yourself? In a world full of pressures and distractions are you struggling to get grounded and sit in presence as your thoughts entangle your mind? You are warmly invited to experience the beautiful connection that arises when we sit together in a safe space and give ourselves permission to share, in the supportive presence of others, whatever words need to be spoken in that moment. When we allow ourselves to share and provide space to facilitate deep listening, we not only build compassion for others, but also compassion for ourselves - fostering and nurturing the warm embrace of shared experiences. In reminiscence of our ancestors, who have gathered in circles throughout history, in circle there is no time limit to speak, no interruptions, no judgement, no advice. There is no pressure to speak and nothing needs to be prepared. THE FORMAT We'll come together in small, cosy gathering and experience the heart-opening, healing Cacao. You are then each invited to share what you feel needs to be spoken aloud. It can be a story, a gentle wondering, a recent experience. The discussion will be led, so there's no pressure to speak, we just ask that you bring openess and the desire to connect. WHERE The circle takes place in my home which is a 10 minute walk from Clapham North Underground (northern line) or Clapham High Street Overground. I'll send out the exact address a few days before the circle. Just a side note, that a friendly cat called Archimedes lives with me, for anyone with a fur allergy. TICKET PRICE In order to be of the best service to all and for the time invested I will be offering 2 price points (£4 / £8). I'd invite you to pay the amount that is appropriate for you. Having a pre paid ticketed event means that each woman is making a small commitment to join together and it also enables ease of booking in time for your heart. For tickets please visit or please do contact me with any questions. Ellie x
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