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Shamanic Palm Reading - An Introduction

Palm reading is an ancient art form of interpreting the lines, skin condition, texture, and colour of the palm as well as the shape and length of the fingers. Across the world, different systems of palm reading have been developed. This is one of the most important diagnostic and counselling techniques shaman of the Andes use to help their clients navigate emotional difficulties and life's decision making. In this workshop, Itzhak Beery, who has read palms for thousands around the world in the last 21 years, will share the basic knowledge required for you to find your life purpose and to understand your key characteristics. Content includes: • introduction to palm reading • the 4 types of palm (earth, fire, water and air) • sun and moon mounds • fingers (communication, emotion, logic, authority and overall life vitality) • how soul purpose is revealed in your palm • main and secondary lines and their interpretation • skin coloration and condition • left vs. right hand (feminine and masculine) • live events and trauma • bringing it all together Itzhak Beery is a leading international shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and author of three Amazon bestseller books. For over 22 years he has bridged the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous teachers entrusted in him with a powerful contemporary approach relevant to our stressful and unbalanced modern times. Itzhak apprenticed with Don José Joaquin Pineda a well-known fifth generation Ecuadorian Quechua Yachak (shaman) from the village of Iluman, who initiated him into the Sacred 24 Yachak Circle of Imbabura. He was also initiated by Shoré, an Amazonian Kanamari Pajé (shaman) on the banks of the Rio Negro. Itzhak studied and assisted for 12 years with Ipupiara Makunaiman (Dr. Bernardo Peixoto) a Brazillian Pajé from the Ure-eu-wau-wau tribe and his Peruvian curandera wife. Additionally, Itzhak studies with elders and shamans in North and South America, Greenland, Siberia and Africa. Some of his contemporary teachers are Michael Harner, John Perkins, Hank Wesselman, Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Tom Cowan.
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