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The Female Archangels

Join Hay House author Claire Stone in IRELAND on this beautiful 1-day event to discover the ancient wisdom of the Archeiai – The Female Archangels. As Claire describes in her book (The Female Archangels) angels are beyond gender and are in fact androgynous, yet in truth, we have Archangels that are masculine in energy and Archangels that are feminine in energy (the Archeiai). We will further explore this at the event. The disenfranchisement of the Sacred Feminine – The Goddess – has resulted in past generations (mainly of the West) being reared as a motherless society. This fragmented way of life has only led to hardship, hatred, war and greed. Yet as we prepare to enter the new Age of Aquarius, the prophesied return of the divine feminine, the scales of freedom, balance and justice begin to even out, ushering in a time of transformation, healing and self-empowerment. The Piscean age of the Guru is over, are you ready to reclaim your lost feminine heritage? In this heart awakening workshop you will: ? Rediscover your lost Female Archangel heritage ? Be introduced to some of these magnificent angels such as Lady Haniel – The Angel of the Moon, Lady Hope – The angel of the womb and Lady Ariel the angel of magic ? Clear your ancestral line of the disempowerment of women, and healing the ‘witch wound’ – the psychic scar that men and women have inherited since the fall of the Sacred Feminine ? Experience several guided meditations and exercises ? Receive the Magdalene flame activation Your ticket also includes: 11.30 – BREAK – Tea / Coffee and a Scone 1.30 – LUNCH – Soup & Sandwiches, Tea / Coffee. All meals are vegetarian. Please let me know about any additional dietary requirements as soon as you purchase your ticket. *There is no food allowed to be brought into the Dromantine building. The only exception is a bottle of water. There will be a book signing after the event. Parking is free (200 cars)
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