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Abundance & Manifestation with Archangels Workshop

A new and exciting form of manifestation has been brought forth by Archangel Michael. This powerful one day workshop will guide you through discovering and identifying your dreams and goals in a dynamic new way and teaches you the techniques of accelerating your manifestation abilities. You will learn how to rapidly accelerate your manifestation abilities, helping you: Clearly define your goals & to help you choose what you really want. This manifesting tool is simple to learn & easy to integrate into everyday life. This workshop teaches you the soul rotation process, one of the quickest ways to enhance your power of Abundance. It works by aligning your own power with the Laws of Attraction and Abundance and the Angels, to bring in the positive changes you desire into your every-day life. This tool is simple to learn and easy to apply and has already proved to be an extremely powerful and rapid way of enhancing your life. By applying specific breathing techniques and positive intention you can harness this powerful energy to attract the things that will allow you to live a happier, more positive life and is all part of your soul’s journey toward fulfilment and ascension. Fee £135 – includes certificate, manual, and light refreshments
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VISIT WEBSITE 01842 762099 (Louise Peyton)

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