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CHP Accredited Crystal Therapy Diploma Stage 1

Whether you want to become a qualified crystal therapist or simply expand your own knowledge for personal enjoyment then this course could be just what you are looking for! The first stage of the Diploma Course is run over 6 sessions in the form of one-day workshops commencing September 2019 through to March 2020 For more detailed information on the course content visit my crystal therapy training website Proposed dates for all workshop: Stage 1.1 22/09/2019 Stage 1.2 20/10/2019 Stage 1.3 24/11/2019 Stage 1.4 19/01/2020 Stage 1.5 23/02/2020 Stage 1.6 22/03/2020 Cost: £50 non-refundable deposit paid in advance and £55 per workshop session (total £380) When you book and pay your deposit you will receive a username & password to access the theory in order to prepare for the first workshop VENUE POSTCODE IS NP4 5DJ
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VISIT WEBSITE 07516001947

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