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Quantum-Touch - the Power to Heal

QUANTUM-TOUCH - THE POWER TO HEAL Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal The 2-Day Level1 Workshop Sat 28 & Sun 29 September 2019 in Milford, Derbyshire Quantum-Touch is powerful energy-healing work that anyone can learn. After these 2 days of training and hands-on practice, you'll confidently be able to : * Alter posture with energy * Work on neck and back problems * Use a range of different hand positions for whole body work * Use self-healing * Work on Animals * Emotional Healing * Use chakras and toning to enhance your work *Learn some fun stuff too If you haven't already done any energy healing, learning Quantum-Touch will give you a thorough introduction into generating a high vibrational healing energy through the principle of resonance, entrainment and the sheer power of your love and heartfelt intention. By using the lightest touch, you can profoundly accelerate the body's own natural healing response. You never become drained using QuantumTouch, it energises you! We have many massage therapists, reflexologists, chiropractors, Reiki practititioners and medical professionals who have learnt QuantumTouch and find it is all embracing with their existing work and adds a powerful new dimension. Whether you intend to become a QT Practitioner, or just use it for your own self healing, or with family friends and pets, Quantum Touch is empowering and may well be the easiest technique to learn. Nearly everyone can do extraordinary healing work after just 2 days, and children can usually learn to do this work almost immediately! It is a truly essential life skill we all should know Workshop runs from 10 til 6 pm daily with a 1 hour break for lunch. Cost is £320. Save £55 when you book and pay before 7 September! Contact Eileen for a registration form to book your place.
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VISIT WEBSITE 7745409059 (Eileen Strong)

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