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Understanding the karmic feminine and divine feminine perspectives and roles – One Day Workshop

Cost : £65 During this introductory workshop, we will explore together the concepts of the karmic and divine feminine aspects. Understanding the origins of our programming and our ultimate destiny will assist us in releasing ourselves from the shackles of history. Through a series of energy techniques once utilised in the ancient mystery schools only by the elite, we will unlock our energy centres and align with our true sovereign identities in order to bring forward profound transformation. That which has for too long enslaved us, will now liberate us. Allow the esoteric wisdom of the original feminine essence to now set you free! The techniques used during all of these workshops will be disclosed to participants at that time but will include working with: Sacred geometry; Crystals; Sound; Creative visualisation and meditation; Magical and alchemical processes; Sacred ceremonies. Participants will be requested, prior to attendance on each weekend, to complete a comprehensive enquiry into their current life circumstances and to bring this knowledge and awareness into our sacred space. Awareness is the key to transformation. This programme operates at a deep, soul level and requires a commitment to full participation throughout. This includes times when we are resistant and “don’t feel like doing the work”. Please do not enroll unless you seriously wish to commit to radically changing and upgrading your life. Whilst we wholeheartedly encourage those who wish to take the basis of this programme out to their own locality and soul groups and do not charge any kind of additional fees to those wishing to do this, we do not support an approach of learning to do to others what we are not willing to first experience and actualize for ourselves. You gotta be in it to win it, girls!
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Rise of the Divine Feminine
Rise of the Divine Feminine - A whole-body, holistic approach to health and wellness is what Athena has been advocating since 1989. By supporting traditional medicine, with ancient healing practices—we believe you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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