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The Holy Mountains - Beacons of healing light in the darkness

Mountains have been regarded as places of spiritual power for millennia - from the Himalayas, refuge of Tibetan yogis - to Sinai, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments - from Olympus, supposed home of the Greek Gods - to Machu Picchu, ceremonial site of the ancient Incas. Discover the truth about Operation Starlight - a spiritual mission of more recent times, during which 19 mountains were charged with sacred power by Cosmic and Ascended Masters, providing pilgrims with a source of easily accessible potent spiritual energy which can be radiated to all. What else will you experience? * Hearing a recording of the voice of The Master Jesus – as channelled through Dr. George King * Inspiring visualisations * Chakra-activating Buddhist mantra * Dynamic prayer * Meet new friends Open to spiritual seekers of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds.
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