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You Too Can Heal - The King Technique

Spiritual healing is not the gift of the few – it is something all of us can learn and develop. Based on the principles of natural universal energy, the King Technique brings balance and harmony through the chakras into the aura, which by the law of nature, has its reflection in the physical body. The King Technique of contact healing is a simple, easy-to-learn spiritual practice for developing psychic and intuitive abilities and, most importantly, helping others. This highly enjoyable interactive workshop also includes a technique of absent healing and advice on how to enhance your innate spiritual healing powers. Includes a FREE copy of 'The Magic of Healing' (usually £9.99) - ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS - ZASCHA BRESILLEY & AYUB MALIK Zascha has been practising the spiritual sciences since early childhood and is known for her enthusiasm in teaching others. Ayub is an ardent believer in spiritual healing and other metaphysical practices.
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