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Ascension - Mastery of the wheel of rebirth - with Darren Ball

We reincarnate from life to life, gaining experience, learning the lessons we need to master the “wheel of rebirth”. What happens next? Mastering the reincarnatory cycle is not the end of our existence – but rather the beginning of a different kind of existence. Either we begin a new life-cycle on another planet, or we remain here – through the Initiation of Ascension – to become an Ascended Master. These Masters have ageless bodies, phenomenal strength and psychic powers, and most importantly – great wisdom. They work quietly, behind the scenes, maintaining the karmic balance for us; in fact, without them we would not be able to remain on this planet…! ABOUT THE PRESENTER - DARREN BALL Darren is passionate about personal and global healing, and the creator of What is the ‘King Yoga Experience’? King Yoga is not just a theory – it is a living teaching that can change your life and the world. You don’t just believe in King Yoga – you experience King Yoga. This is not a metaphor – it is literally true. Each of our series of eight King Yoga Experience evenings will consist of: * experiencing guided spiritual practices, such as meditation; * discovering the truth about key spiritual teachings, such as karma; * discussion in groups; * an informal social. Some will include playing audio-recordings of Dr. George King, and even of the great beings who spoke through him, while he was in trance. Others will include video, or readings from unique works of some of the greatest wisdom on Earth. The purpose of these evenings is to enable those new to King Yoga to actually experience it for themselves – to have an experience of realization, spiritual awakening, or psychic phenomena. Experience, more than any debate or philosophy, will prove to you that King Yoga works. All you need is an open mind and a truth-seeking heart!
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