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The joy of chanting sacred mantras - with Noémi Bates

Discover the joy and inspiration of chanting sacred mantras! Mantras consist of ancient sounds which have unique qualities and can be used for different purposes. They will raise your consciousness and help you to be more effective in your spiritual life and work. In this workshop you will: • Discover how mantra works • Be initiated into 5 sacred mantras • Learn 3 different ways of reciting them mantra• Use mantra for individual and world healing • Be initiated into 3 mudras (ancient hand signs) to potentize your spiritual practices Includes a FREE copy of Realize Your Inner Potential by Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence (usually £9.99). ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR - NOEMI BATES Noémi has been practising mantra for many years. She is a popular presenter and a keen believer in spiritual development.
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